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What Is Digital Marketing?

The core focus of digital marketing is simple: connect your brand with your audience. The internet has opened a wide range of opportunities for businesses, as it connects your brand with a wider audience 24/7.

This type of marketing is the ideal way to connect with potential buyers, readers, and establish better brand trust with B2C businesses.

Additionally, the internet provides a competitive landscape, allowing you to compete with companies’ usual providers, and allow new businesses to search out your services and establish a connection on a national or international scale.

Digital marketing can take on different forms depending on the type of campaign and marketing channels, as well as what your overall goals are for your business.

From paid advertising to social media, organic search rankings, and everything in-between, we are the top agency choice for clients of any industry, helping you outpace the competition and grow your business through careful planning, strategic analysis, and supportive performance monitoring.

As an essential part of any modern business, marketing should help you establish an offering for new audiences and create brand loyalty with your recurring customers.

Our job is to help you establish secure goals for your business’s future that are achievable and provide a positive ROI on your investment. Let us take care of the marketing, so you can focus on your business.

Different Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

There are several types of marketing agency specialties online, and your business may be a good fit for one over another depending on the marketing channels you intend to use for marketing your business.

Web Design

While websites are an integral part of having an online marketing campaign, this type of firm is not geared towards directly marketing your business to your target audience.

Instead, they are responsible for creating the website where customers will flow to learn more about your business and offer once they have clicked onto your paid ad, organic search listing, or social media bio. Web design agencies should provide you with a website that is easy for the user to navigate, clean, and SEO-ready so that it can be viewed on any device.

Social Media

As a media agency, these firms are solely geared towards helping your business succeed on social media. They may, but don’t always, work with social media ads as well.

Working with these firms enables them to work with your brand’s messaging and communication, as well as manage your PR across social media channels. Their primary responsibility is in creating a unified brand message and connecting with your audience on a personalized level.

Consultancy Firm

These firms are primarily to help you with your overall digital marketing strategy and provide one-off consultations for specific and highly technical problems that your business might be facing.

These firms do not often implement the marketing, but they will provide your business with an actionable path forward or plan to help you develop a marketing plan that is often more business-specific than a traditional SEO company would provide.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

This type of agency, like Reach Locals, is all-inclusive and can help your business gain meaningful conversions and audience connections through social media, organic search, and SEO, paid ads services, as well as overall strategy consultation.

We provide you with a clear, actionable path forward for your online marketing endeavors built around real-time data, as well as provide possible new marketing avenues to approach.

Each campaign is tailored to the needs of your business, all with the thorough expertise of a larger team to aid in the full development and growth of your overall marketing strategy.

Is a Digital Marketing Agency Right for Your Business?

Not every business will benefit from organic rankings, paid advertising, or social media services individually, but strategically implemented together, these services create a well-rounded digital marketing campaign that can serve any modern business model whether your business is B2C or B2B.

From online-only businesses to local in-person services, the internet can be a useful tool to help connect businesses to the world, establishing brand trust and loyalty, reaching a new audience every day. 

Get in touch with one of our strategic analysts today and we can help you create a complimentary digital marketing strategy for your business based on your business model, marketing goals, and target audience.

How Does a Digital Marketing Agency Work?

Every digital marketing agency is a little different in how they work and what they consider as key performance indicators. 

Because of the significant amount of variation within the industry, it’s important to find a digital marketing firm that aligns with your goals and is willing to work with your company in establishing campaign goals around what your business considers important.

At Reach Locals, we work with a variety of tools to generate data, but don’t leave it there; we manually review the data and create your marketing campaign around the expertise of our strategic marketing analysts. 


This unified approach creates a comprehensive marketing strategy that identifies key areas of value for your company according to your business goals. We provide a strategic path forward at a thousand-foot overview as well as at the detail-oriented task level to accomplish your goals across multiple marketing channels. 

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

When hiring a digital marketing agency, it is critical to first assess what you are looking for in a marketing campaign. 

Questioning what your end goal is and what action you want users to take once they are on your site can help direct the campaign’s KPIs. 

Identifying your target audience will allow the firm to better position your marketing strategy and align it with the needs of your audience. 

Finally, ensuring you have a core offering in place not only helps align the overall messaging of the campaign but also allows visitors to interact with your brand in more impactful ways, creating more direct conversions.


Once these questions have been established, you can look for a digital marketing agency that can provide what you are looking for. Any questions that you ask the agency will be ultimately related to the specific campaign, but many businesses start by asking for proven case studies or previous client testimonials.

After initial research has been done on your site’s current standing and the competitiveness of your industry for key terms, you will be able to plan benchmark goals during the ongoing campaign; a clear timeline and budgetary estimate to reach those goals will help you better track marketing performance.

How Online Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Many businesses begin to pursue online marketing once they have a website and core offering established, the only thing missing from their business is a wider audience reach.

Whether your business is starting from scratch or already established and looking to grow, data-driven internet marketing techniques can help cement your brand as a reliable industry authority and expand your customer base.

For many industries, online marketing is proven to be more effective (and less expensive) than traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads, billboards, or radio ads.


Internet advertising offers a more effective way of tracking user metrics as well, providing greater insight into the way customers interact with your brand and the overall performance of your marketing.

Likewise, rather than rallying up the public with TV or print ads, internet marketing allows you to precisely target the demographics that are most valuable to your business, narrowing the field for higher-value, more qualified leads.

By identifying how users interact with your brand through individual marketing channels, you can also adjust your offering to reflect those customer needs and better position your brand to reflect your target audience’s values, establishing better brand loyalty.

Experience the Difference Digital Marketing Can Make

Are you ready to experience the growth that results-driven digital marketing services can provide to your business?

Get in touch with one of our team members today and tell us about your company and what you’d like to accomplish with different internet marketing channels.

We are in the business of growing your business so you can continue serving customers at your best.

No distractions, no hassle on your part. We take care of your marketing from A to Z so you can focus on what matters. Our team provides a monthly check-in report to ensure you’re happy with the direction and that we are accomplishing your goals on time.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

As an online marketing agency, it’s our job to ensure your business thrives in a digital world.

Each of our Search Engine Optimization services are geared towards helping your business get seen online for the right searches, by the right users.

Just relying on advertising methods or traffic numbers or keyword rankings won’t help your company’s marketing or bottom line. Meaningful traffic, however, will lead to more conversions, and that will create a positive ROI for your business.

At Reach Locals, we understand that running a business is not just fulfilling the technicalities of what you need, but helping you strategically plan out and grow your business with impactful results that help bring in more revenue and strengthen your cash flow.

SEO Auditing

You deserve to know what’s going on under your website’s hood and how everything works together. As a part of our comprehensive SEO services, we provide highly detailed manual audits that cover your website’s on- and off-site health.
This audit covers a wide range of topics from website speed and security to schema implementation and index management issues. These issues are then prioritized to provide you with an actionable path forward and provide a clear view of your website’s technical issues.
Much of the data required for this audit is gathered with help from both third-party and Google-based tools and then manually reviewed, analyzed, and audited to ensure nothing is left to chance or automatic generation.

Website Analytics

We continuously monitor your websites’ analytics to discover how users are interacting on your website and how we can adjust the marketing campaign to improve conversions. This data also allows us to identify new opportunities that arise in the market for customer acquisition and continue refining your brand’s reach.

In addition to monitoring, we also provide a brief overview of website analytics each month with campaign update reports so you can see how your online marketing performance has changed month-over-month. 

These reports will provide you with data points of interest, tracking KPI metrics across all active marketing channels, and how these metrics are performing based on the campaign’s estimated timeline to reach your identified benchmark goals.

eCommerce SEO

Shopping is a pillar activity in online browsing today, making the competition fierce and the search results limited, which is why quality eCommerce SEO is critical to success in any industry.
Ecommerce websites often face a specific set of problems, such as getting review stars to show properly with correct Schema implementation and balancing clean, crisp user-friendly listings with enough authoritative content and value to get individual listings to rank in the search results.
The broad goal with eCommerce is always straightforward: put products in front of users who are looking to buy. Yet, many sites struggle with a mismatch of user intent, or worse, it’s difficult to rank their products at all.

Lead Generation SEO

Whether you are looking to generate quality leads for an in-person business across a localized area, or national and international leads for an online offering, lead generation services can benefit your business by directly connecting customers with your services.
With carefully crafted funnels and splash pages, lead generation SEO can help your business start receiving more calls and quote requests in short order, allowing you to focus on your business and stop worrying about where your next customer is coming from.
We believe lead generation is about more than producing bigger numbers; with every individual funnel, we put care into ensuring these leads are as qualified as possible, helping you make the sale before you even receive the lead.

Local SEO

Now more than ever, in-person local businesses can benefit from the options the internet opens to connect with a local userbase as a primary target audience.
Today, over 95% of customers use the internet to find new local businesses that provide the services or products that they are looking for locally, relying on mobile-friendly resources like Google Maps, business listings, and geotargeting.
By optimizing your website and other online properties for these channels, you can ensure your listings show up for people looking for your services in your local service area, connecting you with new customers on a more reliable basis than word-of-mouth marketing alone.

Link Building

As a key aspect of any content or SEO campaign, link building provides authority and strength to any site regardless of domain age. While it is an integral part of any SEO campaign, it can also be performed as a standalone service to boost the strength of pre-existing pages on your website.
Arguably one of the most difficult parts of any SEO campaign, quality links are a critical part of showcasing a domain’s relevancy and authority on a subject as it is recommended more and more across the internet from reputable sources. We provide quality link building services from strong domains, vetting each site for its credibility and authenticity before moving forward with outreach and link placement.

Content Marketing

Your brand’s content is the backbone of your messaging, creating customer loyalty and extending your reach to new audiences. Content marketing provides a strong foundation for attracting and engaging your target audience.
Consistent and valuable content is integral to any brand that wants to connect with an audience at a core level while generating interest in your primary offering.
Done correctly, content marketing is not only an excellent way to boost brand credibility and trustworthiness, but also organic rankings. Search engines look favorably on strong content marketing strategies, as quality content keeps searchers using the platform and the user metrics on your site give algorithms better data to base your organic rank position on.

Specialized SEO

These services are ideal for businesses that require a bespoke SEO campaign beyond the typical scope of work, requiring specialized technical services specific to your business’ industry to complete complex projects on time.
A specialized SEO campaign is often reserved for clients with ambitious reach goals. This process begins with an in-depth analysis of the current competition and industry, forecasting the market to determine how these goals will shift over time and when the campaign will need adjustment.
While this campaign has a longer wind-up period due to the importance placed on industry research out of the gate, it provides more accurate market research, better results that scale with the larger budget, and stronger messaging across all channels.

Social Media Management (SMM) Services

With social media, your business has an opportunity to connect with new users and old customers alike at every hour of the day, whether they’re scrolling through Instagram over their lunch break, or posting a Twitter feed update at midnight.

This ability to create a strong connection to your brand through individual customer interaction is an incredible opportunity that few businesses pay enough attention to. Worse, many businesses fail to adapt to the nature of social media, keeping it all about their business without recognizing the users’ need to connect on a personalized and familiar level.

At Reach Locals, we provide social media management services that are tailored to your brand, considering your company values and language. We craft a unique strategy that promotes your offering while truly connecting with your audience in meaningful ways, creating support and brand loyalty with new and old customers alike.

Social Media Optimization

While social media platforms might be easy to identify with common features, each platform has its own algorithm, meaning no two social media platforms will perform the same with identical strategies.
With different post formats, primary media expectations from users, and character limits, it’s difficult to cross-post your brand’s content without first optimizing it for the new platform. This often results in poor-quality content with a lower user engagement outside of the primary platform.
Beyond optimizing your posting schedule, graphics, and captions that all affect the user’s feed, there is further optimization that affects the strength of your profile and how users interact with your brand once they click through.

High-Quality Content

Content is the backbone of any brand message, offering users key insights into your company’s values and personality. Not only does high-quality content result in stronger user metrics such as time on page and lower bounce rate, but it also serves to connect your brand with your customers on an individual basis.
By positioning your brand as a personality that cares about current events and their struggles while providing relatable content, customers are more likely to engage with the business’ offering which is lightly sprinkled in, or only available indirectly.
This user connection is a core part of generating brand loyalty and increasing revenue with impactful messaging that creates long-lasting benefits for your company’s future.

Daily Social Media Activity

Consistent, daily activity at the right times is key to showing up in user feeds, especially while you are first establishing your brand’s social media profile.
We work with your brand language and messaging to create a content calendar that identifies the correct times for daily social media activity and the types of posts that will see the most engagement.
It’s no secret that social media is a constantly changing and evolving landscape, which can make it difficult to keep up with while running your business. Fortunately, we take care of everything for you, creating custom-tailored content calendars.
By creating these calendars in advance with a limited timeframe, our team can help your brand generate relatable and relevant posts with enough room to accurately anticipate trends and modify activity as your audience grows.

Engagement Monitoring

Do you know how users are interacting with your company’s social media profile?
Engagement monitoring is a key aspect of social media management which our team reviews regularly to access analytical data about the progress of your campaign and adjust posting schedules and content type accordingly.
Our team will review your brand’s profile and post metrics to identify how users are interacting with your brand across different platforms. Not only will this help your brand produce more relatable and relevant content for your users, rewarding them for interacting with your posts, but it will also help identify key areas of your profile that could be improved.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your business is getting conversions, but it could be better. Perhaps there has been a recent decline in conversions, and you’re looking to identify the problem at its source. Our team can help get your business to start performing better than ever with conversion rate optimization.
Is your end goal streamlined and user-friendly enough to accommodate the average user’s attention span?
It can be difficult to make that decision arbitrarily as a part of your business, which is why our team utilizes a variety of conversion tools to analyze user behavior on-page.
Often, it only takes small, simple changes to achieve the kind of results that would benefit your business’s bottom line. Our team identifies key areas where users are dropping off and provides actionable recommendations for keeping users engaged and improving your average conversion rate.

Reputation Management

Your business’ reputation is everything online, and what your brand representatives post can affect the public’s opinion. This can be difficult to manage internally, which is why our team is here to help.
We assess your target audience’s opinions of related news and events and guide your brand on the next steps for improving online reputation, whether through email, social media, or search.
Not only can we improve a poor reputation, but we can help improve a neutral or already-positive reputation to keep your customers’ opinions elevated. Pro-active steps can help manage any negative opinions in the future, minimizing the impact on your business’s bottom line.

PPC Advertising (Ads) Services

Are you ready to maximize the performance of your PPC ads? Online advertising is a key marketing channel that many businesses fail to utilize to its full potential.

While these services are best utilized in tandem with multiple other marketing techniques, they can also be managed as a standalone channel to serve as a testing ground for new products and services, or in creating a more immediate stream of revenue for slow-ranking industries.
The algorithms that control paid advertising services differ greatly depending on the platform and have strict regulations that your business must adhere to, which can make it difficult to manage alone; but that’s where our expertise comes in.

Reach Locals can help you create a stunning adset for any platform, monitor the results, and help you market your business to new audiences anywhere.

Facebook Ads

Home to nearly 3 billion active users, Facebook has an advanced ad manager that can accommodate your business needs, but these ads must also follow a complex set of advertising rules.
The massive and diverse user base allows our team to show your ad to highly specific audiences, use lookalike audiences, and hand-select who does (and does not) see your ads. By balancing advertising rules with what converts most highly, we can craft a high-performing ad that achieves your business goals. This ability to hyper-target your ads lead to qualified customers clicking through and more meaningful traffic to your website or product.

Google Ads

For many businesses, Google ads are the mascot of all paid advertising campaigns, allowing their listings to show not just in the top result for organic search, but above all other results in the very top ad position. This type of advertisement is most helpful for lead generation, product placement, and websites with a strong offering to new traffic.
Still, Google ads can be highly competitive and difficult to run efficiently, which is where our team’s ad expertise comes in, helping your business optimize its Google ads listings and split-test different marketing techniques to determine which converts best with the lowest cost per click.

YouTube Ads

As a method of advertising that’s only now gaining in popularity, these video ads work very differently than other text-based ads, which makes them difficult for many agencies to do. With more users moving away from TV and streaming services in favor of YouTube, there’s more opportunity than ever to advertise your business in this visual format.
Our team has experimented with YouTube ads and discovered what works, analyzing the algorithms and identifying key factors for conversion to set your video ad up for success. We keep up with the latest ad manager changes, allowing us to pivot with new developments in the algorithm and backend layout, meaning there’s little to no downtime for your business between platform updates.

LinkedIn Ads

While other social platforms focus on the personal aspect of an individual’s life, LinkedIn promotes connections between business professionals, greatly changing how businesses need to treat their paid social advertising.
With these new demands comes different messaging and methods of audience targeting. Ideal for businesses who want to capture the attention of these professionals, these ads can combine links, text, and imagery, all while still allowing users to engage with the post.
By discovering the most effective ad copy and imagery, our team can boost user interaction with your lead magnet, recommending improvements and adjusting your target audience based on how the adset performs.

Instagram Ads

As a highly visual platform, Instagram provides a unique way to integrate your business into your audience’s daily life. It’s critical for ads on this platform to catch the user’s attention and get them to stop scrolling long enough to engage with your offering and click through.
Our team can help your brand survive in this visual environment, not only creating engaging ad copy and offerings but effective graphics and videos to catch your target audience’s attention immediately.

Pay-Per-Click Management

It can be difficult to manage multiple paid advertising channels at once, which is where our team comes in. We provide all-inclusive Pay-Per-Click management services, monitoring your cross-platform ads’ performance.
Our team will alert you when ads need to be refreshed or the audience needs to be adjusted. Likewise, we can also suggest ad improvements, and take care of your adset budgeting to allocate more resources to ads that are performing well and turn off ads that aren’t providing an ROI for your business.

Google My Business

Your local business’ most valuable asset is its Google My Business profile, where it combines the features of useful navigation links, public reviews, imagery, and location information all in one easy listing connected with Google Maps.
By mixing the eye-catching marketing techniques of paid advertising copy with local organic SEO tactics, our experienced team can rank your website to the top of the Map Pack quickly.
Targeting local and hyper-local audiences has never been easier than with Google My Business optimization services from Reach Locals. We’ll help you build out your business listing from scratch or optimize a pre-existing listing to get it showing above the fold for search terms that are relevant to your offering.

Email Marketing

While the landscape has evolved in previous years, many businesses have failed to change how they perform this type of marketing, writing it off as an obsolete method.
Email marketing is still an effective way to gain new customers, especially in B2B applications and as a part of an organic content marketing campaign.
With help from our experienced team, you can automate effective email marketing. We’ll take care of everything from open rate split testing to discovering what copy promotes click conversions best, putting your products and services in the spotlight.

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